Frequently Asked Questions

Are my goods insured?

For long distance moves, the U.S. Department of Transportation requires movers to provide free valuation coverage of $0.60 per pound per article, up to $2,000 in aggregate. Please note that valuation is considered as a very minimal in terms of protection value. For that reason we recommend you to opt for Full Replacement Value Insurance (FRVI), which is provided by a third-party insurer. FRVI protects your possessions while in transit, based on their replacement values. You must take out this insurance at least 48 hours prior to moving day. If you would like us to connect you to a third party insurer you could contact and ask us for more detail.

We also strongly suggest that you also contact your home owners insurance provider to see if they cover any items in transit under your current policy.

Does MAMA Movers provide any discounts?

Yes we do! Veterans and Seniors receive discounts all year. For discount specifics or to inquire about other discount opportunites give us a call!

Should I tip the movers? How much?

If you feel inclined and satisfied with our crew's work we do encourage leaving them a tip, but they will not ask nor is it mandatory. In terms of what amount to tip the movers, we leave that judgement to you. We trust that whatever amount you deem proper, will be.

Do you have Hidden Fees? What ways can I get an estimate, and which is best for me?

Regarding Hidden Fees: There are absolutely no hidden fees, as they are all mentioned in our easily accessible documentation. If you are uncertain about any details or aspects of the documentation you can contact us directly for extra clarity. Regarding Accurate Estimates: We offer two types of estimates that provide different benefits for you. Make sure you choose the one that suits your needs best.

Over the phone (which can be requested by calling in or filling out or web form on the main page), and In-Home Estimates.

Over the phone is all about the convenience. It is a quick phone call where we go over an inventory list and special accomadations upon booking. If any details are incorrectly provided or not provided this can cause variance in costs and pricing. The more detail you give us, the more accurate this estimate will be. If you are confident in being able to provide all necessary details (and our specialists will make this as simple as possible by asking you the right questions) then this could be your preferred method.
In-Home Estimates are about avoiding the risks associated with the issue of asymetrical information. This is definitely the more accurate method because we don't rely on a quick call. Instead we send someone over to your home to go over all the details of the move and ensure no items are left off the inventory list by accident and no accomdations are looked over. As long as you don't add items to your inventory, and all aspects of the move remain the same come moving day- this estimate method can be considered as extremely accurate. Let us know if this is the method that interests you so we can schedule that visit!

Where do I get information regarding making a claim?

->Visit the claims page by clicking on here <-

Do you have other tips or guides that don't specifically pertain to packing, but moving in general?

->You can visit our Moving Tips and Considerations Page by clicking here <-

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